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Esri India ArcGIS StoryMaps Contest 2022

Showcase your creative skills with ArcGIS StoryMaps.

A laptop computer displaying an ArcGIS StoryMaps story with fishing swimming in the ocean and information about the Esri - National Geographic 2021 ArcGIS StoryMaps Ocean Challenge

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A forest of evergreens

Challenge Announcement

Every day, we know you are creating insightful and cool StoryMaps. Now is your time to share them in our Esri India ArcGIS StoryMaps Contest and win exciting prizes. The entries will be judged on parameters like how effectively they make the subject matter interesting, understandable, and engaging.

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Dates and submission deadlines

The submission deadline is December 30, 2022.

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  • Indian Culture/History/Events
  • Sustainability
  • Conservation/Environment
  • Travel/Destinations/Recreation 
  • Science/Technology /Education  
  • Sports
  • Health & Human Services

All the story maps expect those in Science/Technology/ should be India Specific.


The winners will be given the following prizes: 

  • First prize- Gift voucher worth INR 7,500
  • Second prize- Gift voucher worth INR 5,000
  • Third Prize- Gift voucher worth INR 3,000

Judging criteria

StoryMaps will be judged on the following parameters:

  • Template used
  • Visual impact
  • Use of multimedia
  • Supporting information
  • Maps/Icons/Pop-ups

Terms and conditions

By entering, you agree to the terms and conditions. 

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2022 StoryMap Winners

  • Ghost of the mountains
    IIT, Kharagpur

    Ghost of the mountains

    Nitin Sharma

    The Mystical creature inhabit high altitude regions in the Northern and Central Asia spread across 12 countries.

  • Unlocking India’s green energy ambitions
    Presidency University, Kolkata

    Unlocking India’s green energy ambitions

    Radhika Bhanja

    National solar projects in India date back to the 1970s. During the world oil crisis, India realized the importance of being energy independent and resilient to overcome future energy crisis of the nation.

  • The '100-100' project in Maharashtra
    Sunlit Future

    The '100-100' project in Maharashtra

    Induja Gandhiprasad

    This story map will take you through our journey of installing solar water pumps in several villages of Palghar district, Maharashtra which helped end the long walks of women to fetch water.


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