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Solution Products

Indo ArcGIS brings you an ever-growing collection of solution products designed to solve some of the most complex challenges innovatively and efficiently.

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Burn Area Assessment

  • Estimate the burn severity and damage caused by fires for a given area of interest.
  • Assess the spread and impact of the forest fire.
  • Identify forest fires hot spots
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Disaster Management

  • Automated alerts and live feeds for active hazards and possible disasters
  • Locate available resources for efficient disaster response and mitigation
  • Assess population and area under disaster impact
  • Simple to use apps for effective Decision Support in middle of crisis 
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Electric Utility Management

  • Get a comprehensive view and status of Distribution Network
  • Tools to automate process of data migration to standardized and scalable data model
  • Enforce data integrity and reduce data entry errors.
  • Ready-to-use tasks to perform common operations and validation checks
  • Enable advanced analysis of your network. 

Forest Fire Management

  • Workflow based, effective utilization of technology and live feeds for preventing and mitigating forest fire spread
  • Automated and timely fire alerts with precise forest boundaries for prompt action
  • Simple to use Dashboards & Apps for effective monitoring and mitigation of fires

Forest Plantation Management

  • Enable the forest administration to view status of Forest Plantation
  • Simple-to-use dashboards, web solutions and mobile apps for all stakeholders for planning and monitoring forest plantations with real-time updates from field teams

Air Quality Index

  • Integration of Sensor Feeds and APIs from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and other sources
  • Integrated Dashboard for seamless visualization and decision support
  • Update your AQI data

Land Records

  • Enable the Revenue Department to review status of work progress of Khasra Girdawari (Harvest Inspection)
  • Enables the  department to collect information of all the parcels under their jurisdiction with high accuracy.

Property Tax Management

  • Enables the city administration to easily check and collect authoritative information of all the properties under their jurisdiction.
  • Allows authorities to calculate the tax amount based on specific formula used by city
  • Provide interface for public to calculate Tax incorporating exemptions applicable
  • Generate Reports  

Volunteer Registration

  • Provides interface to public for registering as volunteer with location details
  • Enable Disaster Managers to check location-wise volunteers’ offering & status.
  • Helps Disaster Managers to plan action as per availability of resources

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