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Machine learning: The next step

The most competitive organizations are making strategic investments in artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine learning, using location data as the connective thread to automate processes, improve predictive modeling, and gain business advantages.

These leading organizations already use location analytics to uncover hidden patterns, gain crucial insights, and create a competitive edge. Now, the benefits of location intelligence can be accelerated with machine learning.

Location intelligence, supported by machine learning, fuels innovation and real-time insight

Location intelligence—powered by modern geographic information system (GIS) technology, magnified by machine learning automation, and done at scale in real time—is helping to transform industries.


Retailers use machine learning and location intelligence for site selection, customer support, price setting, supply chain optimization, location-based advertising, and providing personalized customer experiences.


Banks and financial analysts apply machine learning to detect fraud, plan a branch location or even a network of multiple locations, and perform predictive risk assessments.


Manufacturers use AI systems to optimize supply chain logistics, automate inspections and quality control, plan predictive maintenance, and flag any unusual activities before they slow production.


Government agencies use machine learning algorithms on georeferenced drone and satellite imagery to automate fieldwork, model growth scenarios, predict crop yields, and assess crop health in real time.


Operations managers, route planners, and drivers use AI to fill in the gaps in road network databases, track assets in real time, accurately predict arrival times, and anticipate future supply needs to stay one step ahead.


How AI and Location Intelligence Can Drive Business Growth

Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Cloud AI Platform at Microsoft, talks about the predictive power of AI and location analytics.


Location Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence: Making Data Smarter

Esri solutions engineer Alberto Nieto explains the disruptive influence of location intelligence combined with AI.


Geography and AI Combine for Business Intelligence

Marianna Kantor and Jay Theodore discuss an executive's guide to the business power of AI—how to approach it, who should own it, and how to drive value from it.


Trend Watch: AI Helps Businesses Make Decisions at the Edge

Using big data analytics, AI, and location intelligence, businesses can speed decisions, empower employees, and earn customer loyalty.

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