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Soil erosion / Silt migration problems - Story Maps

Soil erosion / Silt migration problems

Gua iron ore mine is situated in the heart of Saranda forest, West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, India. The forest is also known as “The Land of seven hundred hills”. The landscape presents a beautiful view of hill with thickly wooded valleys and meandering like streams. It is Asia´s largest Sal forests enriched with a variety of flora and fauna. The total area comprises of 820 Saranda forest area is also well known for high grade iron ore deposits. The major available minerals are: Iron ore, manganese, spatite, kayonite, china clay, chromite, yellow soil, red soil, quartzite, brick soil and sand stone (IBM). The mineral excavation proposes many mining industries have been occupied lease hold area of Saranda forest. Gua iron ore mine is one of the well mechanized and huge iron ore deposit mines of Saranda forest.

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