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How to buy ArcGIS Enterprise

An ArcGIS Enterprise purchase is the first step to setting up a complete system to manage, map, analyze, and share your geospatial data. User types are included with your initial purchase of ArcGIS Enterprise software. User types are a mix of capabilities and included apps. The five general-purpose user types are Viewer, Editor, Field Worker, Creator, and GIS Professional.

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ArcGIS Enterprise Pricing FAQ

What are the new user types?

The new user type licensing is available from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 better suits business and organizational needs with the Viewer, Editor, Field Worker, Creator, and GIS Professional user types included. Learn more about the different user types here.

What happens to my current L1 and L2 users?

A Level 1 Named User is functionally equivalent to a Viewer user type. A Level 2 Named User is functionally equivalent to a Creator user type.

How do I add users?

Reach out to your Account Manager to add users.

Can I add more user types at any time?

You can add more user types at any time.

Can I add apps to user types?

Yes, app bundles and premium apps can be added to certain User Types. Explore the add-on apps in ArcGIS Marketplace.

How is Cores impacted by the user types?

Cores, the foundation of your ArcGIS Enterprise purchase, power your web GIS at your organization. Cores are not impacted by the new user types.

How do I license virtualized and cloud deployments?

Learn more about virtualized and cloud deployments in this white paper.

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