Site Scan for ArcGIS is the end-to-end cloud-based drone mapping software designed to revolutionize imagery collection, processing, and analysis. Maintain a complete picture of your drone inventory and flight history with automatic fleet management. Stay up-to-date with accurate imagery when needed with repeatable flight plans that ensure high quality data capture when flying your drones. Securely process imagery in a scalable cloud environment to create high-quality 2D and 3D imagery products that can be quickly shared throughout your organization on any device. Save time by using the measurement and analysis tools to get the answers you need from your data.

Comprehensive drone mapping software

One app for KML and other data

Autonomous drone flights

Increase efficiency by creating and sharing advanced 3D flight plans between your pilots. Overlay 2D and 3D data from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise for enhanced flight safety and data capture quality. Manage your data in the field and upload it to the cloud.

Visualize data in 3D

Process and analyze in the cloud

Unlimited amounts of drone flight data is processed into 2D and 3D outputs through a scalable cloud environment. High accuracy is ensured through automatic ground control point detection. Easily visualize and analyze results directly in a web browser.

Edit KML in its entirety

Quickly share drone and project data

Share information with your stakeholders in formats they understand, whether in a 3D view or as a report or map within ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise; collect and process files using reality capture technology within Autodesk BIM 360; or export in common file formats.

Share work in any environment

Drone fleet management

Fleet management keeps track of flights, drone hardware, and pilot flight history—all in one place. Drone program managers can create custom preflight checklists for their teams and store responses within the cloud.

How it works


Plan the optimal flight path. For enhanced safety and planning accuracy, import layers and 3D models from previous flights or ArcGIS Online.

Execute autonomous flight

Complete your preflight checklist and execute an autonomous drone flight.

Upload and process in the cloud

After the flight is complete, upload your data for cloud processing and mark ground control points manually or automatically using computer vision.

Visualize and analyze

View 2D and 3D outputs on the web. Discover insights about your project, track changes, measure volumes, and conduct inspections or other analyses.

Share results

Export in file formats you need, publish to your ArcGIS organization for advanced analysis, or export to Autodesk BIM 360.

Case Study


Geospatial consulting firm supports wildfire response efforts with drone imagery and geospatial data

Read the case study

Works with ArcGIS

Site Scan for ArcGIS is a comprehensive drone software solution that you can use with your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise data.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online

Import your organization's saved GIS data and share your data with your ArcGIS Online organization for further analysis and collaboration.

Explore ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise

Import your saved GIS data and share it in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal for analysis and collaboration.

Explore ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS QuickCapture

ArcGIS QuickCapture

Use ArcGIS QuickCapture together with Site Scan for ArcGIS to capture features remotely using the drone's location.

Explore ArcGIS QuickCapture
ArcGIS Drone2Map

ArcGIS Drone2Map

If working in an offline environment, use the Site Scan for ArcGIS Limited Edition iOS app to connect with ArcGIS Drone2Map and process, analyze, and export your drone data.

Explore ArcGIS Drone2Map

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