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ArcGIS Workforce Pricing

ArcGIS Workforce is a mobile app solution for coordinating your fieldworkers using an ArcGIS subscription. To buy ArcGIS Workforce, you must have an ArcGIS account with at least one Creator user type. Then, purchase as many licenses as you need for your fieldworkers. Once complete, view our pricing below and talk to an Esri representative for additional support.

Includes Workforce

Create Workforce assignments

To create projects and assign tasks to fieldworkers, you will need at least one Creator user type in your organization.

Pair Workforce with the Editor user type

Use ArcGIS Workforce with new or existing Editor user types in your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Workforce with an Editor user type?

Yes. ArcGIS  Workforce is a premium app add-on for the Editor user type. With it, users receive assignments in the field using the Workforce mobile app on their Android and iOS devices. Fieldworkers can also easily report the status of work throughout their shifts, enabling transparency between the field and the office.

Can I use Workforce with a Viewer user type?

No. The Viewer user type does not support Workforce.

What if I need more of my field workforce to use Workforce?

You can add new licenses at any time. If you need users to only receive, manage, and report the status of field assignments, purchase ArcGIS  Workforce as a premium app add-on to an Editor user type. If you want users to have more robust capabilities, like using multiple field data collection tools from their mobile devices, the Field Worker user type is a single purchase that includes ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS QuickCapture, and ArcGIS Workforce.

What if one of my users of the Field Worker user type leaves my organization?

User type licenses can be reassigned to someone else in your organization. Licenses cannot be shared; they are individually assigned to a single named user. The license term is fixed and not impacted by a change in named user assignment, and there is no cost associated with reassigning a user type license within your organization.

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