ArcGIS Tracker Pricing

ArcGIS Tracker is an app solution that enables the collection of field personnel's location tracks for viewing by managers and supervisors, all within ArcGIS. To buy ArcGIS Tracker, you must have an ArcGIS account with at least one Creator user type. Then, purchase as many licenses of Tracker as needed to add to any of your other existing user types or in combination with new user type subscriptions. Once your selection is complete, view our pricing below and talk to an Esri representative for additional support.

‎Tracker is included in the Field Worker user type

Pair Tracker with ArcGIS user types

ArcGIS Tracker is licensed for use with new or existing Viewer or Editor user types in your organization.

Administer ArcGIS Tracker

A minimum of one Creator user type in your organization is required to administer ArcGIS Tracker licenses and permissions for viewing location tracks.

Frequently asked questions

Is ArcGIS Tracker included with any ArcGIS user type licenses?

Yes. ArcGIS Tracker is included in the Field Worker user type license. It can be purchased as an add-on to any ArcGIS user type.

Does the cost of ArcGIS Tracker change depending on the user type it is added to?

No, ArcGIS Tracker can be added to any user type for $60 per year. (If adding ArcGIS Tracker to an existing user type license, the cost will be prorated to the term of the user type license. For example, if your one-year user type license expires in six months, the cost of adding ArcGIS Tracker will be prorated to the remaining six-month term of the user type license.) 

If field personnel forget to turn on the Tracker mobile app, can the ArcGIS administrator turn it on remotely?

No. Only the mobile user is able to control when tracking is turned on and off.

When new field personnel join my team, will I automatically see their location tracks?

You will see only the location tracks of users in your organization who have been assigned an ArcGIS Tracker license and for whom you have been given explicit permission to view tracks. This is controlled by your ArcGIS organization administrator.

Can my mobile workers see each other's location tracks?

Mobile workers are only able to view the tracks of those they have been given explicit track viewing permission by your ArcGIS organization administrator.

If a mobile device is lost, is the location track data recoverable?

If a mobile device was lost in an area where internet connectivity exists, track data will continue being collected until the Tracker mobile app is turned off manually or via a time that was preset by the app user. Tracks are continuously returned to your secure ArcGIS organization every 60 seconds by preset default, which can be adjusted for more frequent data returns if desired. In connected environments, up to 72 hours of tracks are kept on the device.

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