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Connecting projects in context

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Collage of images including highway interchange, 3D pump station, design corridor model with utility lines, and 3D buildings

Improving project coordination and delivery

ArcGIS GeoBIM delivers an innovative, easy-to-use web-based experience for teams to explore and collaborate on building information modeling (BIM) projects and issues, using data from multiple systems in a geospatial context. Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams can easily work with linked data from multiple systems in configurable web apps that simplify the communication and collaboration with teams and stakeholders.


Connect geospatial data with design and construction information to see your projects in context.

ArcGIS GeoBIM: Connect geospatial data with design and construction information

See all your project activity on one map

Explore and browse project data, issues, and documents in a geospatial context through an easy-to-use web app.

Aerial imagery that shows a tank and a 3D mechanical pumping station onsite

Organize projects without reorganizing data

Keep your documents and data organized in the original source locations and access your GIS and BIM project content through a common web-based app experience.

Map with 2D highway intersection with black and red data points that includes construction issues next to three line graphs

Connect directly to the data source

Reduce the need to continually convert your data by directly linking to BIM projects, data, and documents stored on separate systems.

3D building with a cross section including 2D plan view next to a digital street map and an icon of a 3D cube

Communicate project information easily

Share easy-to-use ArcGIS GeoBIM apps with stakeholders to enable them to explore project information and issues.

Dashboard for project details that includes a pie chart, a 3D building and landscape model, and an icon of a computer monitor

How it works

Computer monitor showing a white and gray digital street map and scattered data points

See projects in context

Simplify how teams view, manage, and access project data across multiple locations.

Keep projects organized

Access GIS and BIM data in a single user experience.

Reduce costly model conversions

Keep your data in the systems where it was created and reduce the need to convert models throughout the project life cycle.

Communicate project performance

Visualize activities for project data, such as issue completion, timelines, and asset locations, through dashboards.


Bridging the gap between GIS and BIM

Esri’s ArcGIS GeoBIM connection to the Autodesk Construction Cloud blends survey and design workflows that offer that first step to a better GIS to BIM data experience.

Darin Welch

HNTB, Associate VP & National Geospatial & Virtual Engagement Manager

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Esri and Autodesk

Esri and Autodesk are industry leaders that are working together to put GIS and BIM data at the center of projects. The shared vision is an integrated and collaborative workflow that connects data sources and improves understanding projects in context, reduces inefficiencies, and delivers more sustainable resilient infrastructure.

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Esri and Autodesk for ArcGIS GioBIM

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of the design and construction process to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

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Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Connect decision-makers and construction teams to manage design reviews and automate model coordination with trades. Easily track all design, coordination, quality, safety, and commissioning issues by linking data from Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro with ArcGIS GeoBIM.

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