City Transformation Starts with a Hub

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Discover four key factors you need to build connected and engaged communities.

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Transform your city today

Every city wants to be modern, connected, and engaged, yet reaching that vision can be a complex journey hindered by budget constraints, leadership inertia, lack of innovative technology, and siloed teams.

But, there are new and innovative ways for governments and constituents to share and communicate data, exchange views, and collaborate to create better, safer, and more sustainable communities. Most governments already have the GIS foundation and tools they need to get started now.

In this e-book, you will learn about the following:

  • A new framework you can use to organize data, people, processes, and technology around issues that matter
  • Four cities who are already using the framework to inform, connect, and engage their communities
  • The four key factors those cities needed to succeed
  • A handy scorecard to assess how you are doing and help you determine where to go next

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Discover how to use a hub framework and easy-to-configure platform to collaborate more effectively with your community.