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Enabling the Intelligent Water System

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GIS provides a common platform for accessing all your business data, updating your network information, integrating work orders, finding customer information, or preparing a report. With built-in spatial analysis tools, you can support network tracing as well as analyze development trends affecting future demand. Visualization and mapping features give you an overall, connected view of your network in relation to your customers and surrounding infrastructure.


The key to an intelligent water system is having one go-to repository for all data. Intelligent water management begins with GIS. ArcGIS software goes beyond locating pipes and facilities.
ArcGIS for Water Utilities supports daily business functions with maps and applications that can be downloaded and configured for utilities organizations. ArcGIS for Water Utilities is designed to help:
  • Run operations more efficiently.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Save money.
  • Engage with stakeholders.
  • Plan and carry out improvements.


Download the Case Study