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GeoInnovation – An Acceleration Platform for Startupreneurs

The Startup ecosystem in India has been thriving over the years. With the 3rd largest Startup ecosystem in world and more than 30 Unicorns being created in 2021 alone, India is certainly on its way to become the Startup superpower of the world. Within this ecosystem, the technology led Startups have doubled to about 9000+ Startups and 1600 new tech Startups emerged in 2021.

The growth of the GIS market in India is driven by factors like adoption of cloud, AI/ML, AR & VR among other emerging technologies, Also, there is a growth in demand for GIS based applications in government led initiatives including Land Management, Smart Cities, City Gas Distribution and Disaster Management. The recent liberalization of Data Policy & Drone policy will now ensure the emergence of GIS as a key tool in accomplishment of Mission Mode projects and will provide major boost to map digitization, content development, APIs development, data processing, data analysis, etc. It is this impact which will now lead the Indian Geospatial market growth at an estimate CAGR of 16.2% by 2026.

GeoInnovation – An Acceleration Platform for Startupreneurs is an initiative by Esri India in association with AGNIi to encourage startups to dissolve the boundaries between geographic sciences and business and create innovative businesses addressing real world problems.



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