Future Utilities Webinar Series

Stay on top of trends, technical advancements, and best practices related to GIS in Utilities with our free webinars. The webinar series highlights subjects relevant to your organization's missions, workflows, and operations.

Past Webinars


Integrating field and back-office operations for efficient gas networks

Learn how GIS system helps you be more efficient, customer focused and aligned in delivering a superior customer service while getting the best out of your network.


Configuring an enterprise GIS solution to support your CGD business

Discover how you can configure an enterprise GIS system to support your planning, construction as well as business operations workflows.


Standardizing gas network data collection

Explore how you can quickly manage field data collection, define automated rules to validate the data quality and track and manage the survey progress.


GIS for Asset Management

Understand how utilities can leverage GIS in their asset management.


Increase your operational IQ with GIS

Understand the steps you can be taking today to develop your operational intelligence.


Digital Transition to Digital Transformation: A utilities perspective

Understand how new platform based GIS enables digital transformation.

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