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GIS For Schools

K-12 Teachers’ Council of India

Encouraging GIS Learning in Schools

K-12 Teachers’ Council of India is an initiative of Esri India to bring together the educators from Indian Schools who would like to leverage the power of GIS and help children understand our world better. The intent of this council is to build a community of like-minded educators who would like to take the initiative of not just learning this amazing technology but also pass on the knowledge to their students enabling them to discover subjects like History, Civics, Science, Geography, Environmental Studies, etc. by visualizing and analyzing the data on interactive maps. GIS today is amongst the top 20 emerging technologies in next 10 years (2018-2028).

  • GIS today is amongst the top 20 emerging technologies in next 10 years (2018-2028).
  • As of 2015, only ~31,000 GIS tech professionals available against a requirement of 70,000.

K-12 Teachers’ Council of India will serve as a platform for school teachers and provide an opportunity for them to meet and collaborate with peers. Apart from learning from each other, it will help them share their best practices with fellow teachers while identifying newer ways to encourage GIS adoption. One of the key objective of this association would be to promote teaching excellence through spatial thinking in school education across India. Members will have a better visibility of GIS industry and emerging trends that can empower their students to hone their skills.

Who can join?

Any social science or computer science teacher from middle or senior wing who would like to enhance students’ experience with technology and be a forerunner for introducing an emerging career option to the students.

How would you benefit?

  • Platform to showcase your learnings, research and initiatives via
    • Round table sessions and Networking events
    • Contribution of thought leadership articles
  • Recognition as a K-12 Teachers’ Council of India member
  • Opportunity to work closely with Esri – A Global GIS Leader
  • Access to Esri technology and best practices
  • Access to Esri technical experts
  • Geography/GIS Lab set up support
  • Complimentary registration to Esri India User Conference - “The” GIS event of India
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