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GIS For Schools

GeoMentor Program

Esri India GeoMentor Program is to identify passionate GIS users who are willing to come forward and work as an extended arm to Esri India’s K-12 initiative and work with schools in their region. Esri India’s K-12 initiative aims to encourage GIS and geographic learning in Indian K-12 schools through the introduction of ArcGIS Online into classrooms across the country.


A nationwide GeoMentor network of knowledgeable GIS users and educators to

  • Create awareness about GIS amongst the youth of the country.
  • Encourage adoption of GIS that can be leveraged by school students to learn geography and other subjects through ArcGIS Online and Story Maps.

Who can be a GeoMentor?

  • Anyone from the GIS community across all disciplines and sectors is welcome to consider volunteering to assist schools and teachers with their educational goals using GIS.
  • Basic experience of ArcGIS Online will be of added advantage, though we will provide you training resources to help you quickly gain skills that will make you an asset to K-12 classrooms.


  • You can become involved in your local community schools or assist schools and teachers across India.
  • Engagement between GeoMentors and teachers/schools may range from advocating GIS technology adoption in a high school to conducting workshops.
  • As a mentor, you will have access to workshop materials that illustrate effective strategies for GIS implementation in the classroom
  • By serving as a mentor, you will enrich the educational lives of students, teachers, and yourself.
  • You will be playing a pivotal role in improving GIS and geography education in the country and gain mentoring experience.
  • Mentors may also contribute by creating geo-enquiries/story maps based on school curriculum. These contributions will be added to the repository and attributed to the respective mentor.

GeoMentor Benefits

  • GeoMentor will get exposure to ArcGIS Online – a leading cloud-based mapping platform by Esri.
  • GeoMentor will learn about the GIS technology which they can use further in their professional life.
  • GeoMentor will gain mentoring experience.
  • Great way to contribute to society and country at large.
  • GeoMentor will get a certificate recognizing the efforts.

Program Flow

  • Register to be the GeoMentor with Esri India.
  • Get inducted and access to the workshop material
  • Send us the list of schools where you would like to mentor.
  • Esri India will provide you with relevant documents on K-12 program for you to go and pitch this to schools.
  • Reach out to schools and fix workshop dates
  • Conduct workshops and send us a report
  • On completion of workshops in 5 schools within a span of a year, GeoMentor gets a recognition certificate from Esri India.
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