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GIS and Academia

GIS is one of the most exciting and growing technology today.

In the last few years, GIS software has moved from being a niche technology into a mainstream platform for Business Intelligence and Spatial Analytics. GIS has also advanced as a strategic business critical platform in government projects. Its growth as a research and instructional platform in higher education is unparalleled. In today’s information-based society most of the universities and colleges have GIS included in their curriculum.

GIS Academicians are bringing a transformation by not only skilling the students with latest GIS technologies but also promoting its adoption in India. Many of GIS Academicians are also working as GIS Knowledge Experts and playing a critical role by actively consulting various government organizations on GIS & the role it can play in various government initiatives. It is this thought leadership of GIS academician that is bringing a positive impact to the Indian society.

The GIS Academia Council of India is an initiative of Esri India to bring together thought leaders from the Academia to address the social, economic, business, and environmental issues that impact our world by Applying Geography.

The first meeting of the GIS Academia Council of India took place at Esri India User Conference in Delhi on 20th January 2017.

How can you participate?

This council is an Esri India initiative and participation is by invitation. We are looking at academicians from India who are passionate about GIS. Interested to join?

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