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Improve Productivity and Efficiency

  • Analyse the density and optimum number of branches, ATMs and service areas.
  • Provide a map-based analysis of your competitiveness in comparison to business rivals including the distribution of branches and ATMs of competition to enable new business opportunities.
  • Analyse the behaviour of customers in each area to prepare the most effective sales, marketing and service plans that meet specific needs of the target group.

Risk management

  • Identify risk areas so that appropriate logistics routes can be planned to avoid damage such as in case of flood.
  • Predict the number of branches and ATMs that may be affected in an emergency situation so that preventive plans can be prepared promptly.

Property Valuation

  • Find the precise location of collaterals and real estates along with surrounding details.
  • Collect pricing data to compare with that of the collateral for a correct and reasonable property valuation.
  • Present data analytics in the form of maps to provide a new perspective that is easy to understand and more effective.

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