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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Workflows, designs, and solutions that increase the bottom line


One platform for AEC

The Esri location analytics platform provides architecture, engineering and construction firms with a single-point-of-truth for managing the entire infrastructure lifecycle.

The platform enables everyone within the organisation to use and share data  to generate information and insights capable of radically transforming workflows and driving efficiencies.

Whether one is in the office or working from a construction site, the Esri platform provides instant mapping, reporting and analytics capabilities for all teams, functions and disciplines.

Via a simple log-in, users can access a variety of ready-to-use maps containing information on infrastructure, regulatory compliance or BIM, and countless other areas – at any time and through any device.

Innovation in the built environment

Thrive in the emerging digital construction economy with intelligent mapping and analysis tools. Use advanced analytics to plan, design and create a smarter, more efficient, collaborative and resilient built environment whilst reducing costs, driving efficiencies and improving profitability.


Plan intelligently with 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis. Model scenarios and share information, considering the natural and built environments from the very first stages of planning and design.

Geospatial analytics

Combine CAD workflows with geospatial visualisation and spatial analysis to give a holistic perspective of the surrounding environment to enable informed design decisions.

Share & collaborate

Share your information and metadata with your colleagues, supply chain, contractors and clients. Use story maps to collaborate with the general public and involve decision makers much earlier in the design and construction process.

Real-time situational awareness

Use real-time data processing, dashboards and mobile tools to facilitate the smooth and safe operation of completed facilities and to demonstrate a resilient future to stakeholders.

Operational intelligence

Connect field crews through real time mapping applications to coordinate construction, on site and in the office, during the build phase, both safely and efficiently.

Specialised Apps




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