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NIIT GIS Ltd's Vice Chairman Mr. Rajesh Mathur conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award at India Geospatial Forum 2012

New Delhi, January 28, 2010, Thursday: NIIT GIS Ltd has entered into a strategic relationship with ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT VIS) of Boulder, Colorado, a subsidiary of ITT Corporation, the developers of ENVI image processing and analysis software. As part of this partnership, NIIT GIS Ltd. will become the exclusive distributors of the ENVI suite of image processing software products for India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka Sri Lanka beginning January 1, 2010. This suite of ITT VIS products includes ENVI, ENVI EX and IDL products.

This distributor arrangement was recently formalized between NIIT GIS Ltd. and ITT VIS at New Delhi, and a smooth transition process from the former ITT distributor, Sierra Atlantic, to NIIT GIS Ltd. was also initiated. NIIT GIS Ltd. and Sierra Atlanta will work to smoothly transition any existing user requirements,support, the coming months.

NIIT GIS Ltd. is also the sole authorized distributor for ESRI’s ArcGIS family of GIS software and solutions in India, Bhutan and Nepal, along with many ESRI Partner solutions. Expanding its suite of products to include the new ENVI distributorship, NIIT GIS Ltd. will offer the widest range of state-of-art and innovative ESRI-GIS and ENVI Image Processing technology to the geo-spatial community in this part of the world.

This strategic relationship between ITT and NIIT GIS Ltd. is an extension of the ITT and ESRI partnership to integrate each company’s respective software technologies, which will deliver advanced, high performance image processing and analysis capabilities to the ArcGIS platform and expand the distribution of these technologies globally. The partnership helps a growing number of professionals get information from geospatial imagery and integrate it with GIS applications in a variety of industries, including environmental monitoring, urban planning, defense and intelligence, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Under this agreement NIIT GIS Ltd. will also begin distributing the newly introduced ITT product, ENVI EX, an image processing and analysis product that is tightly integrated with ArcGIS and designed specifically for GIS applications. Based on ENVI, ITT's image processing and analysis product, ENVI EX now provides ArcGIS users with ENVI's image analysis methods and algorithms. The product's interface guides users step by step through analyzing satellite and airborne imagery and data across a wide range of imaging modalities. The integration between ENVI EX and ArcGIS allows GIS users to exchange data and files from ArcGIS to ENVI EX with drag and drop methods that preserve the style, symbology, vectors, and layer information from one product to another.

“ESRI and ITT VIS have aligned their products and thus it is logical that we offer a combined suite of ESRI and ITT VIS products to our users. We believe that image processing and GIS technology is closely aligned to provide seamless capability at image and map processing and allowing for image-information ingest to GIS directly. This will be a tremendous capability to users to work on images and ingest to a GIS geodatabase and vice-versa use GIS geodatabase to process and serve images. ENVI has tremendous features – especially in change analysis in images and advanced modules in image processing. We are happy to be working with ITT VIS and enable a good synergy on these innovative technologies to users”, said Dr. Mukund Rao, President & COO, NIIT GIS Ltd.

“We are very pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with NIIT GIS Ltd. as the next important step in our growing partnership with ESRI and its global family of distributors. Together we will deliver leading edge and comprehensive image processing solutions that combine ease of use with scientific rigor all seamlessly integrated with ArcGIS”, said Richard Cooke, president of ITT Visual Information Solutions. “We will work closely with NIIT GIS Ltd. and Sierra Atlantic over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition for our valued customers and we look forward to the opportunity this will give us tohelp GIS professionals in the region recognize the benefits of adding imagery to their GIS workflows.“

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