Private Instructor-Led Classes and Coaching

A private instructor-led class is a great way to prepare a team for an important project or technology migration. Everyone gets up to speed in the shortest amount of time, and the instructor focuses class discussions and examples to meet your training objectives.

Private Class Options

  • An Esri instructor can teach a class at your site. If your facility is not equipped with the hardware and software required for class, Esri has several classroom setup options.
  • If your site lacks a suitable training room, your team can come to one of our facilities.
  • A private instructor-led online class works well for geographically disbursed staff and eliminates staff travel and related expenses.

To host an Esri instructor-led class at your site, please review the classroom setup requirements and the Esri Training Terms and Conditions. Classes are scheduled and confirmed with a purchase order, letter of intent, or prepayment.

Esri Client Coaching Services

You may supplement any private class with one or more days of client coaching.

Client coaching enhances the learning experience by providing extra time to review and practice course concepts with an instructor's on-site guidance. Coaching is a cost-effective solution that reinforces the skills gained through standard training that are most applicable to an organization's actual workflows.

Client coaching services may consist of one or all of the following:

  • In-depth discussions of course topics as they relate to the client's specific workflows and environment.
  • Instructor-guided student application of class concepts using a copy of the client's data.
  • Demonstrations of functionality presented in the class using a copy of the client's data.

Client Coaching Class Requirements

  • Coaching follows a standard Esri instructor-led private class and require the same classroom setup as the preceding class.
  • Topics to be covered during the coaching session must be agreed to no later than two weeks prior to the class. The topics will be outlined in a Learning Objectives document prepared by the Esri instructor.
  • Coaching sessions are limited to a maximum of 15 participants and all participants must have attended the preceding class or another Esri-authorized delivery of the same course.
  • All work during the coaching session is conducted in the classroom with sample data. The client may provide the instructor copies of sample data to enhance the coaching session.
  • The purpose of a coaching session is for the instructor to guide students in the application of class concepts to the customer's specific business needs and work environment. Client coaching sessions have no deliverables beyond the instructor's time and expertise in the technical concepts covered in the preceding class. The instructor will not provide application development, or software installation and configuration services.

Speak With a Specialist

Our staff is available to discuss training needs for individual roles and projects, as well as GIS staff development plans to support strategic business objectives.

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