Our World is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Citizens, societies, government and business are increasingly adopting smarter ways to leverage this digital transformation. Because of the essential nature of location, and the spatial dimension, GIS remains at the ‘heart’ of such smart initiatives, leading the transformation journey. GIS is evolving to integrate technologies such as IoT and big data analytics and concepts into a powerful platform. GIS is not only helping transform but also provide a framework for efficiencies & better decision-making.

Who is driving this transformation?

It’s being driven from within the organizations like yours. Your work as GIS professionals is transforming the world and making the difference. You are applying the ‘Science of Where’ into everything you do and in the process; you are transforming our understanding of the world around us. Therefore, it is vital that your impactful work gets a recognition.

Announcing the Esri India’s GIS Day 2017- Celebrate and Win Contest

GIS day will be celebrated on November, 15th 2017 during the Geography Awareness Week. For all of you involved in GIS, this day is a chance to showcase what you do as GIS professionals. It is a day to tell your stories to others. It's an opportunity to demonstrate the value of your work, and the meaning of maps and their power. It is also a day to participate in the Esri India’s GIS Day – Celebrate & Win Contest and get recognized at the Esri India User Conference.

How the contest works

  • Plan a GIS event (large or small) on the GIS day or any day in the Geography awareness week starting on 13th November.
  • Register your plan on this link.
  • Tell us what resources you need.
  • Post celebration; submit your report to register@esriindia.com. Your report should include how you celebrated, what was done, how many people attended, how the event was promoted on social sites, how much awareness it created, some pictures/videos etc. You can download the report template from the resources.
  • Entries will be judged and three best celebrations will be awarded.

Plan a GIS event

There are many ways you can plan an event:

  • Host a seminar/conference/open house on GIS.
  • Host interactive workshops/demonstrations.
  • Host some exciting activities like GIS Quiz, Story map contests, Poster contest.


1) Promotional Material

Download the file, add your event details, print and use.

2) Merchandise


We will ship it at the official address provided in the form. This can be provided for registrations received by 30 October.


3) Esri India Tech Person

Esri India Tech Person


Invite Esri India resource to deliver a session at your event. This is first cum first serve basis.

4) Report Template

Report template

Report Template


Please capture all the information mentioned in the report template.


Judgement Criteria*

  • Awareness created/ Audience touched
  • Activity vastness
  • Digital presence
  • Overall impact


  • Celebration can happen in the week of 13 Nov but preferably on 15th November
  • Reports submission by 30 November
  • Judgement and award announcement at Esri India UC, December 2017

*Scale of event will not be considered for judgement.

Help make people aware of the substantial contributions that GIS makes in their community every day.

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Please contact marketing@esriindia.com for any queries.