GeoInnovation – A Challenge for Startupreneurs

Geography has played an important part in evolution of humankind from the time immemorial; humans have been using it in their pursuit of understanding the world better and making informed decisions. Geographic Information System (GIS) provides us the context and the content of our world, and the advancing geospatial technologies are constantly changing how we think and act.

Implementation of geographic sciences across numerous disciplines by various organizations has helped them analyse their geographic data to understand unique relationships, patterns, and trends to plan and design better solutions. GIS has already brought in several transformational changes in the world, primarily in the areas of City Management, Natural Resource Management, Governance, and Citizen Engagement. For example, now Governance models utilise GIS systems to bring transparency and ease of distribution in citizen services.

With growing GIS capabilities, time is ripe to geo-innovate and develop avant-garde solutions that promote effortless adoption of geospatial technologies across diverse domains.

GeoInnovation – A Challenge for Startupreneurs is an initiative by Esri India to provide a platform to start-ups to dissolve the boundaries between geographic sciences and business to open the path of GIS possibilities.